Recommendation from College Professor

“Over the past ten years, I have had the pleasure of working with students who have graduated from St. Thomas More Academy. These students have done outstanding work. They are well prepared for university, and they are willing to work hard and go beyond requirements to meet their goals and do their best. We currently have several graduates from your school in the program, all of whom are doing exceptionally well. In addition, they are mature, poised, diplomatic and polite. They make a very positive impression both of themselves and the school from which they graduated.

I have also had the pleasure of judging at three forensics competitions (at STMA). In each case, all of the students worked hard and did a very commendable job. The students we selected as winners were outstanding, beyond the expectations of high school work.

I commend St. Thomas More Academy for the fine work it is doing with its students. You make a difference in their lives.”

-Professor Maureen Thum

Director of the Honors Program | University of Michigan-Flint

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