Holocaust Museum Fieldtrip

Mrs. Murphy brought the sophomore and junior classes to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Bloomfield Hill on May 18th. The visit was part of their study of the Catholic social justice themes of human dignity and justice. They toured the museum and heard a Holocaust survivor speak.

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  1. Kris sanborn
    August 10, 2016

    St. Thomas More Academy was and continues to be a blessing to our family and our community at large. We have had two children graduate from STMA within the past four years. Both have gone on to achieve great success in college and in life. Our oldest graduated Summa Cum Laude from Christendom College in Front Royal VA this past May and will be teaching 1st grade at a beautiful christian school near the college. Her academics were very rigorous but she was well prepared to study and work hard due to the excellent education she received at STMA. Teachers at St. Thomas More set the bar very high academically, spiritually and humanly for their students. They also walk the walk and talk the talk in their own personal lives. They are wonderful witnesses to what a life lived for Christ can look like. Our other daughter is maintaining a 4.0 GPA in her college studies. The beautiful friendships they made at STMA remain strong and that is one of the greatest blessings we see as parents. No school is perfect but I’d pick STMA every time over any school in the Genesee county and surrounding area. These graduates are coming out as well rounded individuals ready to take on the challenges of our increasingly secular world and they are remaining strong in their faith. These are young people ready to restore all things in Christ! Thanks be to God

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