Something Special About Our School

Dear Parents,

I wanted to take a minute and share something with you tonight. Something that, although it’s a sports-centered example, is really a reflection of our school community in general.

We have 7 teams in our varsity conference.  This past summer the conference athletic directors collectively decided that, at the end of each season, the coaches from all the schools in the conference would vote to recognize the school that exemplified the greatest sportsmanship during the season.  For both the fall sports season and the winter season, our girls’ and boys’ varsity teams were selected by the conference coaches for demonstration of the most outstanding character.  In short, there have been 4 votes (2 fall and 2 winter) and STMA has won them all.

What an accomplishment for our school!  Not to mention we play very competitively as well.  Even now, our students are reaching out and touching many outside our school.  As one who gets to work with students, teachers, and parents, I know I am blessed and honored to be a part of STMA. Thank you, too, for being a part of our school.

That’s it. Have a nice night.

In Christ,


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