Chess Club

Our Chess Club meets on Mondays from 2:45 pm to 4 pm in Mr. Weisbrod's room. All students in grades 2-12 are welcome to attend. Students younger than second grade are welcome if an older sibling or parent attends with the child.

Beginners are always welcome and will be taught the rules and strategy of the game. A very helpful chess instruction web-site is here.

Note: the above site does require Java to be installed on your computer


Boys and Girls Club

As part of our mission at STMA, we offer Boys Club and Girls Club after school on Wednesday's for students in grades 3-8. The purpose of these clubs is to help our students grow in their friendship with Christ and each other in the following ways:

Promoting Virtues
Forming Leaders
Reflecting on the Gospel
Forming positive Friendships
Encouraging Service to Others

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St. Thomas More Academy presents a yearly dramatic production.


Field Trips

Simulating and fun educational field trips.


Service to Others

Students are encouraged to serve others through various means including: working at soup kitchens, helping with outreach programs, and going on mission trips.