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K-6th grade students will participate in the All Saints Festival on Friday, October 30th. There will be a carnival in the gym for grades K-8 which will be put on by the high school students, with games and chances to win. The younger students will dress as saints and parade through the school into the gym.

This event will culminate on Friday evening with a Family Fun Night for all STMA families. Food and games will be provided for all.

St. Thomas More Academy has been enjoying Spirit Week October 26-30th. There have been Penny Wars and Sports competitions, Crazy Hair day and a Class Cheer competition. Students have enjoyed the breaks from their normal routine. There has been a great spirit of enthusiasm and charity shown by all towards all.

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St. Thomas More Academy prides itself on having high academic standards, encouraging our students to excel and making this goal attainable by giving them every opportunity to grow and learn.  How do we compare with other schools in the area? Greatschools.org is a website that rates and compares both public and private schools.  Check us out and see why STMA is a great choice for your child's education!

Greatschools.org gave us a score of 10 (out of 10)!

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As a small school STMA has the greatest hope to be a light to the world... because God rejoices in exalting the lowly, and He is the one that primarily works through us. Our graduates have made great strides in becoming 'lights', and have reflected on how STMA has helped them to become who they are today. Read what they have to say:

"I think this school has given me so much because it has provided me with the things and people that I needed to stay on God's path.  I connected with a great group of people who I am still close with, an intriguing curriculum and motivating teachers to make me think, a chance for improvement in sports, and an extended family in the community of STMA.  Most of all, it imparted the knowledge that God is with me in whatever I do.  It is this that defines who I am today and for that, I am eternally grateful."

Marissa Prain- Class of 2010

"St. Thomas More didn't teach me what I should do with my life or tell me what is the Will of God (for me) but it did show me how to go about looking for those things.  I wasn't just taught what I needed to know in order to get to the next grade or to be prepared for college:  I was taught what I needed to know for the rest of my life. I wasn't just given the right answers, I was taught how to ask the right questions. St. Thomas More gave me something that no public school could ever give me. St. Thomas More was a blessing that I didn't fully appreciate until my Faith was really questioned, ridiculed, and sometimes attacked. I was well prepared for the secular world. Whether it is scrutinizing what professors sometimes rant about, debating with coworkers who bring up my Faith, or just having discussions with friends, STMA gave me the tools that I still use and keep in my tool box"

Daniel Aubuchon-Class of 2008

St. Thomas More prepared me in my education by equipping me with the truth and the ability to think critically.  It also prepared me in my faith to go on to college ready to stand up for my beliefs and defend my convictions.  STMA prepared me for my career field by fostering an atmosphere that helped me realize my full potential and talents.  Finally, STMA prepared me for my vocation by creating a staff that modeled virtuous behavior and pointed to the saints as everyday role models.

Anne Dziekonska- Class of 2004

I am eternally grateful to St. Thomas More Academy for its social environment of like-minded families, which brought us and many others together.  I have never experienced deeper, truer friendships than those I have found in my friends from STMA, and I know that present and future students will have the same opportunity to make such great friends.

MaryKate Blondin- Class of 2012

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Here are some compelling reasons to consider ST. THOMAS MORE ACADEMY;

  • Traditional Catholic Education
  • Low Student to Teacher Ratio
  • Challenging Academic Curriculum
  • College Preparatory Classes
  • Daily Mass and Catholic Devotions
  • Sports/ Member of MHSAA
  • Formation of the Whole Person

**Call us to set up an appointment to visit STMA (810-742-2411)

**Have your child "shadow" a student for the day to experience a "day in the life" of an STMA student.


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