St. Thomas More Academy is a Catholic school for grades K-12. Founded on love for the Church and its teachings, St. Thomas More Academy helps students to incorporate faith into their studies and daily lives.

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St. Thomas More was a soldier of the Catholic Faith.

What People Say

Professors, parents, and alumni share their testimonies


Tom Abbott III

Alumni of STMA, 2012
Attending St. Thomas More Academy (STMA) was one of the greatest blessings of my life. I made some great friends, and will always have fond memories of this school. Most importantly, this school provided me with a greater appreciation for the Catholic faith and its magnificent tradition. STMA integrates the Catholic faith into everything it does, whether it be studying in the classroom or playing basketball in the gym. The beautiful gift of daily Mass helped me to understand the importance of taking time to pray to God each day, asking for strength and guidance before undertaking daily tasks. Currently, I am a Pre-Novice in the Augustinian Formation program studying to potentially become an Augustinian priest or brother. I entered formation in August of 2015, and I am currently studying philosophy and theology at Villanova University. I am grateful to STMA for teaching me the significance of placing God first in all life decisions. Also, I thank STMA for educating me in the message of the Gospel, the lives of the saints, and the history of the Catholic Church. Without this education I would not have the same admiration and passion for the Catholic faith which motivated me to enter Augustinian formation.

Ann Maher Rodriguez

Alumni of STMA, 1995

Having taught in a High School and Middle School for the last nine years, I am often reminded of the gift I had in More Academy.  In a world where kids seem to grow up too fast, and are faced with so much negative peer pressure, I am so grateful to have spent my Junior High and High School in such a grace-filled environment.

I'm grateful for many things... For faculty and staff that made the sacraments so readily available to us - Mass, Adoration, Confession, First-Friday and Marian devotions helped create a Catholic Culture that was the foundation of a fantastic school. For the teachers who inspired and challenged us, I felt completely prepared for college and all the challenges life presents. For the positive peer pressure I experienced, and the life-long friendships I formed. I am convinced that the guidance and instruction I received in those very formative years pointed me in the right direction, and helped me make the decisions that have brought me to where I am today.  I will be forever grateful, and pray my own daughters are blessed with a school like STMA where academics are taught, and the Faith is lived!


Jim and Marcie Ward

STMA Parents

We are so grateful for St. Thomas More Academy!  A priest once told us that every child deserves an environment in which they have the freedom to flourish.  When our former school closed, that's what we were searching for.  We needed a school for our children.  At St. Thomas More, we have found what we were seeking!  Not only is it an environment in which they flourish, but it is an environment in which they are strengthened for the world that awaits them.

We have seen this with our oldest daughter, who has graduated and is now attending college.  We were worried that she would not be strong enough for the battles of the world, but we have seen the opposite.  She is very strong and very solid in her beliefs and convictions. She has told us over and over again how grateful she is that she attended St. Thomas More Academy.  We now have 3 children left at STMA, and we sleep soundly every night, knowing that they too are receiving a solid foundation upon which to build their lives.


Lisa Kudwa

STMA Parent

Many are schooled, few are educated. -St. Thomas More

I am so thankful for St. Thomas More Academy for truly educating our children. Our oldest who attended STMA graduated from college with honors; with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Catholic Studies from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.  He was well prepared at STMA and received a great scholarship to attend college. It is so nice to have all of our K-12 children together and we love the family atmosphere at STMA. We are also thankful for the wonderful teachers who teach the subjects so well and pass on the Catholic faith to the children. The gift of daily Mass, weekly Adoration, and the availability of Reconciliation is priceless! This school is a gift from God!


Nanette Kowalczyk

STMA Parent

St. Thomas More Academy personifies the "intellectual charity" that Pope Benedict has called Catholic educators to have. STMA also offers a warm family atmosphere in which students can readily learn.  I've had children in different area Catholic elementary and high schools.  None of these has surpassed the standard of excellence exhibited by St. Thomas More.


Professor Maureen Thum

Director of the Honors Program | University of Michigan-Flint

"Over the past ten years, I have had the pleasure of working with students who have graduated from St. Thomas More Academy. These students have done outstanding work. They are well prepared for university, and they are willing to work hard and go beyond requirements to meet their goals and do their best. We currently have several graduates from your school in the program, all of whom are doing exceptionally well. In addition, they are mature, poised, diplomatic and polite. They make a very positive impression both of themselves and the school from which they graduated.

I have also had the pleasure of judging at three forensics competitions (at STMA). In each case, all of the students worked hard and did a very commendable job. The students we selected as winners were outstanding, beyond the expectations of high school work.

I commend St. Thomas More Academy for the fine work it is doing with its students. You make a difference in their lives."